Limited Company capitalized at 12 500 euros created in 2015, with head office at 144 Z.A.E WOLSER A, 3225 Bettembourg (Luxembourg), registered at the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under the number B200913. VAT number: LU28020230.



An order placed by the Customer implies they accept all the present terms and conditions.



Our offers are intended solely for individual consumers with a with a physical address. The site exists in several languages ​​(see the flags at the bottom of the site).
The items displayed on the site are available until depletion of stocks.In the event of debit or payment of an item that is unavailable, FFP2.IO shall offer the Customer a credit note or refund within 15 days.
FFP2.IO shall send an email to any Customer who has placed an order for an item which is unavailable.



All products for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible. However, FFP2.IO cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions which may occur in this presentation.



All prices are listed inclusive of VAT. The price of products for the rest of the world (DROM-COM and Switzerland) mainly outside the European Union are excluding taxes. The VAT amount is indicated when the customer selects a product. We reserve the right to change prices if there is a change in the VAT rate. These changes may be passed on in the price of the items without previously informing the customer.
FFP2.IO reserves the right to change its prices at any time but products are invoiced at the price applicable when the order is registered. Discount codes cannot be used on already discounted items unless stated otherwise and they are only applicable on available FFP2.IO products. FFP2.IO reserves the right to remove the promotion at any time without prior notice.



The customer confirms the order as follows. By confirming an order, the customer accepts the present Terms and Conditions. A customer who wishes to purchase one or more items available on FFP2.IO must follow this procedure to register an order. After clicking on the button ""Pay Securely Now"" and after verifying the contents of their order (color, quantity, size, price, etc...), the customer confirms the purchase of one or more items with a click.
If the customer has a discount, he/she must enter in the discount code in the space provided on the payment page. First-time customers must fill in a short form which contains the following information: title, first name, surname, complete delivery address, email address, birthday, and telephone number. The customer also creates a password at this time. After having confirmed their payment, the contract for the sale of the goods will be formed.


VI.I Payment by Credit or Debit card

The Customer confirms their billing address, the product, and the total price. The Customer then provides their card number, the corresponding expiry date, and the security code. The Customer finalises the payment by clicking on the button "Confirm".


VI.II Paypal

With PayPal, your financial information is never communicated to FFP2.IO. Paypal encrypts and protects your card number. Pay online by simply indicating your email address and password.


VI.III Payment by bank transfer

Simply select "bank transfer" and confirm the order. You will receive by email our bank details and a reminder of the amount of the order, with a unique transaction number to be specified at your bank when you make the transfer. We will start to prepare your order once your bank transfer has been received (it takes about 5 working days, depending on inter-bank deadlines).


VI.IV Payment in 3 instalments

We do not accept 3 installments payments.


VI.V American Express

American Express is accepted on FFP2.IO.


VI.VI Payment Default

FFP2.IO reserves the right to refuse to honor an order placed by a consumer that has not totally or partially paid a preceding order or with whom a payment dispute is being handled.


VI.VII Payment verification

FFP2.IO monitors all the orders that have been confirmed on the website, and all payments through FFP2.IO will be subject to security checks from both the card provider and FFP2.IO. This monitoring aims to protect FFP2.IO from abusive practices operated by a fraudster and to protect our customers against unauthorized use of their payment details. Our services may contact you by email or by telephone to confirm your order information and order details: proof of address or of a debit in your name, or proof of address in the name of the person indicated for the delivery address, ect...

This order verification will be done prior to your order preparation and it may cause a delay in the preparation and despatch of your order.


VI.VIII Payment security

In order to ensure secure payments, FFP2.IO uses the secure payment service provided by STRIPE. This service utilises the SSL security standard. Confidential data (16-digit card number, expiry date, security code) are encrypted and sent directly to the bank server without passing through the physical FFP2.IO server.When the order is validated:The payment request is routed in real-time to the secure remote payment manager. This asks for an authorisation request from the bank card network. The remote payment manager issues an electronic certificate which is proof of the amount and the date of the transaction in compliance with luxembourgish law.



Customers who have already made a purchase at FFP2.IO can choose a password which allows them to proceed with new orders without filling the customer detail forms again. The Customer who has already signed up is recognized on the site as being a customer at FFP2.IO. The FFP2.IO customer's password is strictly confidential and personal. It must never be divulged to a third party.

If the FFP2.IO customer has lost or has forgotten his/her password, he/she should contact: contact@ffp2.io customer service either by email, and a new password will be issued within 48 hours to replace the previous one. In order to facilitate the identification of the Customer by provision of both the email address and password, the Customer expressly authorizes FFP2.IO to place a "Cookie" on the customer's computer with the sole purpose of facilitating the above-mentioned identification.



Delivery times given are in reference to the order date, and presented in working days (Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are not taken into account for calculation of delivery time). In case of force majeure, FFP2.IO can not be held responsible for any delay in delivery.

You will find the available delivery services for your desired product(s) on the product page and on the payment page.

For any one order which contains multiple products and two different delivery services, you will receive two separate parcels upon delivery.



In case of return of a package following the causes "NPAI" (wrong address) or "NOT ASKED", FFP2.IO does not guarantee the reservation of the articles ordered and may be able to make the refund of the order if the products are not available.


IX.I Returns due to NPAI (wrong address)

These are packages returned by the service provider responsible for the delivery under the mention: Do not live at the indicated Address.
After reception and acceptance of your package by our services, FFP2.IO will contact the customer to return his order if the product is still available or to proceed with the refund of the order according to the wish of the customer.
FFP2.IO keeps the right to refund the order and not to return the order in case of several NPAI identified.


IX.II Returns due to a "NOT ASKED" package

These are packages that have not been claimed by the customer at the post office, or at the relay point within the specified time. After reception and acceptance of your package by our services, FFP2.IO will contact the customer to return his order if the product is still available or to proceed with the refund of the order according to the wish of the customer. FFP2.IO keeps the right to proceed with the refund of the order and not to return the order in case of several "NOT ASKED" identified.



For all the stages of access to the site, consultation, filling of forms, ordering, delivery of items or any other service, the company FFP2.IO has only an obligation of means. Consequently, FFP2.IO can not be held liable for all inconveniences or damages inherent in the use of the Internet network and totally external to the diligences and precautions taken by FFP2.IO.
In particular, any disturbance in the provision of the service, or any external intrusion or presence of computer virus, can not engage the responsibility of FFP2.IO. Likewise, any act qualified as force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation exonerates FFP2.IO from any liability. Customers benefit from the guarantees granted by the brands present on the site.



All elements of the FFP2.IO website, whether they are visual or sonorous, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents.
They are the exclusive property of FFP2.IO.
Any hyperlink referring to the site of FFP2.IO and using in particular the technique of framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or any other technique of deep link is in any case formally prohibited.
In all cases, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed under the request of FFP2.IO.



XII.I Collection of personal data

FFP2.IO, for the purposes of the service, keeps the right to collect personal data relating to the users of the website, in particular through the use of a "cookie" referred to in the Article 8.
FFP2.IO keeps the right to transfer commercially the data it collects on its website.
In any case, and in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, any user or customer of the website can, at any time, refuse the commercial use of the said data and also has a right of access, rectification and deletion of data concerning him.

All requests concerning this article should be sent by e-mail to contact@ffp2.io.

The term "personal data" means all data which identify an individual, including, for example, surname, first name, telephone number, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, postal address, IP address and any information That the Customer will choose to communicate to POWER LAB about it.

For the purposes of combating fraud as set out below, POWER LAB is also likely to keep information for a limited period on transactions carried out on its sites, including a truncated part of the bank card numbers used to carry out The said transactions and their expiry date.

You can manage your subscriptions to our Newletters, our mails and SMSs or ask to unsubscribe from our mailing lists in your account in "my subscriptions".


XII.II Purpose of Data Collection

Personal data shall be collected only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes to fulfill one or more of the following purposes:
- manage the orders on the Site,
- developing trade statistics, conducting market and behavioral studies,
- constitute and manage prospect files, including technical operations such as standardization, enrichment and duplication,
- carry out operations relating to the management of customers,
- select a clientele to carry out prospecting and promotional activities,
- address requests and promotional messages from POWER LAB. The Customer may unsubscribe at any time from these offers by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the relevant e-mails.
- comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.
- fight against fraud


 XII.III Recipients of collected data

Only POWER LAB and the external companies contractually linked to POWER LAB for the processing of the Customer's order have access to the information communicated. The categories of persons who will have access to personal data within POWER LAB are, within the limits of their respective attributions, the commercial, administrative, technical and control services (auditors, Internal control procedures, etc.)

Personal data may also be sent to public bodies solely for the purpose of meeting legal obligations, auxiliaries of justice, ministerial officials and bodies responsible for collecting debts.

All necessary precautions are taken to safeguard the security of personal data and in particular to prevent them being deformed, damaged or unauthorized by third parties.

POWER LAB reserves the right to sell commercially the data that it collects on the site if the Customer has checked the words "I wish to receive the best plans of partners of OWER LAB. You can subsequently withdraw your consent at any time by unchecking the same mention. Any treatment based on consent given prior to withdrawal is lawful.
The company POWER LAB may then have to transfer the data to foreign companies. It undertakes to communicate these data only to foreign companies which have the same level of data protection as France and the European Community.


XII.IV Retention of personal data

The collected data is kept for a period of five years from the last transaction carried out on the site or from the last update of the customer account. Some of your bank details, such as truncated bank card numbers and expiry dates, will be kept for a period of 13 months for fraud-proof purposes. The cryptogram is however systematically destroyed after effective, complete and unchallenged transaction. As part of the Premium service, you can consent to the retention of truncated bank card numbers and their expiry dates for a period of thirteen months from the last transaction you made on the Site or the last update your customer account. This consent is expressed when you check the "Remember" box. You may subsequently withdraw your consent to this retention at any time by giving the same notice. In the absence of a new transaction or update of your customer account during the five-year period, the data concerning you will be deleted automatically.


XII.V Cookies

POWER LAB measures the number of page views, the number of visits and visitor activity on the site and how often they return using cookie technology.
A cookie does not identify the Customer. It records information relating to the navigation of the Customer's computer on the FFP2.IO site (the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) and to be able to read them during subsequent visits.
Data collected by cookies are strictly for internal use only and are never transmitted to third parties.

The use of cookies, clean or third parties, not necessary for the operation of the site requires an express consent of the Client. The manifestation of the consent or the opposition to the use of cookies is done by a setting of the browser in an appropriate way.

Some cookies known as "advertisement cookies" allow to follow the navigation of the Client and to record the products seen, then within 90 days of presenting banners advertising related or not, with the navigation past. These cookies are linked to the Customer's internal profile (without being able to identify it). They also require your express consent in the same way as indicated above. You may also withdraw your consent at any time by clicking on the following link:
Disable advertising cookies on my profile


XII.VI : Right of access and rectification

When the Customer communicates personal data, it gives express consent for the collection and use of personal data.

In accordance with the law UE 2016/679, the Customer has the right to access, rectify,limit,move, interrogate and, if necessary, object to the data concerning him which can be exercised by:
Email: contact@ffp2.io
Postal mail to POWER LAB, 144 Z.A.E WOLSER A, 3225 Bettembourg (Luxembourg)

For legitimate reasons, the Customer may oppose the processing of data concerning him or limit their use.
The cutomer can raise a complaint by contacting controlling authority.


XII.VII Reciprocity

The Customer undertakes, in his turn, to respect, during any data collection or communication of data from POWER LAB not to disclose them and to keep them only for his personal use. POWER LAB  reserves the right to refuse to communicate the data to it, such as asking the Customer to delete them.



Quizzes organized by FFP2.IO are free and require no purchase. They are open to anyone living in the European Union. The winners of the quizzes are notified by email that transmits their profit in the form of a code for a voucher or a gift card FFP2.IO. This latter is valid once, on the whole website, except on promotions and is not combinable with other promotional offers. Except specific operations, vouchers are valid three months and gift cards one year. If the amount of the gift card is above the value of the customer's order, the difference will be credited on his gift card account. This remaining amount will be automatically offered on a next order on the "payment" page. If the amount of the gift card is below the value of the customer's order, the difference will have to be paid by credit card. FFP2.IO will not disclose in any case the names and email addresses of the participants. By entering their email the participants automatically accept to receive the newsletter of FFP2.IO. FFP2.IO keeps the right to postpone or cancel a quizz and can not be held liable for any problem that can intervene during the operation.
For each quiz organised, there will be only one winner per household (same name, same physical address or IP address).
In case of return, the voucher won thanks to a quiz can not be re-used. Participation in the game implies full acceptance of this regulation. The rules may be amended at any time in the form of an endorsement by the organizer, respecting the enounced conditions. Any fraud or attempted of fraud committed with a purpose of improperly collecting a gain may result in prosecution.



Products sold in the context of private sales of FFP2.IO are accessible to those who meet at least two of the following conditions:
- Being a customer at FFP2.IO by opening an account on the website with a valid email address and a password
- Having received an electronical invitation on the email address of your account
- Having received at least one email from FFP2.IO.